Kids eye exam Hewlett

Kids Eye Exam Hewlett

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Eye exams are recommended for everyone, even children. In fact, eye exams are highly recommended for children especially because they are still growing and developing at a rapid rate. With frequent children’s eye exams, your child’s overall eye health, vision, and development can be properly monitored and maintained. If you are looking to book a kids eye exam in Hewlett, then we here at Island Vision can provide you with everything that you and your child need.

Children should begin to see a pediatric eye doctor from the time that they are about six months old. A child’s eyes will first to be examined upon exiting the womb to look out for any immediate issues, obvious deformities, or other problems that may have occurred in utero. But as children grow older, they will continue to grow and develop at a rapid rate throughout their childhood. Therefore, children should see several different health specialists throughout their young lives in order to make sure that they are growing in a healthy manner and that the rate at which they are doing so is normal as well. Children are prone to developing diseases and conditions that are specific to their age range, which is why they need to see a kid’s eye doctor. Here at Island Vision, we can provide your child with a kid’s eye exam in Hewlett that will look at every aspect of their eye health and their vision. Additionally, if your child every exhibit any signs or symptoms of infection, side effects of an injury, or other issues, it’s important that you come in for an exam as soon as you possibly can.

Routine pediatric eye care can ensure that your child does not develop any lifelong vision impairments that may have otherwise been preventable. It’s also helpful when it comes to providing them with prescription lenses when they need them and ensuring that their eyesight in their eye and health are in good shape. If you are looking to book a kids eye exam in Hewlett, then all you have to do is call us here at Island Vision.

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