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Dry eyes in East Rockaway

Eye doctor in East Rockaway
Eye doctor in East Rockaway

Dry eyes don’t present a danger to your long term eye health or vision, but they do cause discomfort which can be extremely bothersome. There’s no reason that you have to put up with this condition, though, because at Island Vision we have answers for you.

Lack of proper lubrication, either in quantity or quality, is why dry eyes occur. Exposure to smoke and wind contribute to the problem. You can expect to experience symptoms such as sensitivity to light, eye redness, blurry vision, a burning or stinging sensation, tired eyes, and discomfort while wearing contact lenses. Our eye doctor in East Rockaway will conduct a thorough examination. There are special tests sometimes used. One measures the volume of tears you’re producing, and the other gauges the quality of them. The best way to approach the problem is a combination of direct treatment and lifestyle adjustments. Our eye doctor in East Rockaway will typically recommend artificial tears, which are eye drops that restore moisture to your eyes. There are prescription strength ones available if necessary. To lessen the severity of symptoms now and in the future, wear eyeglasses or sunglasses when you’re outside on windy days, keep away from smoke, stay out of air-conditioned rooms whenever possible, and keep a humidifier at home to increase moisture in the air. What happens if the above methods are not providing the needed results or you have bouts of recurring dye eyes? That’s when surgery will be recommended to correct the underlying concerns. The good news is that such a measure is not usually needed, and you should be able to achieve relief with artificial tears and the recommended changes.

Reach out to our office and let us arrange an appointment for you to come in to see our eye doctor in East Rockaway for expert diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment for dry eyes.

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