Eye care professional Woodmere

Eye Care Professional Woodmere

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If you happen to be interested in getting contact lenses, especially if you are new to wearing contacts, it’s important that you see a specialist that can provide you with an exam and fittings. If you need an eye care professional in Woodmere NY, then you can visit us here at Island Vision to get the specialized care you need before getting contacts.

In general, anyone with a vision impairment needs to have their eyes examined once a year, but for people with contact lenses this is made more of a strict requirement before refilling a current prescription. The quality of your vision can always change, especially with time and as you get older. It’s important that your prescription lenses or as up-to-date as possible, otherwise you may experience things like blurry vision, headaches, eye strain, and much more. If you are new to contacts, then a specific contact lens exam is absolutely necessary. It is first important that a specialist determine whether your eyes are healthy enough to wear contact lenses in the first place. Certain pre-existing conditions can prevent people from wearing contacts safely, so this needs to be determined beforehand. Here at Island Vision our eye care professional in Woodmere NY can provide you with the necessary tests and evaluations needed before getting your contacts.

Once you have successfully gone for your screening, had your prescription determined, and learn more about contacts, you can survey our selection of contact and sample the types we have in stock. With a fitting, you can learn more about putting your contacts in, taking them out, and caring for them on a regular basis. Plus you can get a better idea of how con six will feel when you wear them. To learn more about contact lens exams and fittings, you can call us here at Island Vision and book your appointment with our eye care professional in Woodmere NY today.

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